AWS Sections hold from three to nine meetings annually. Technical programs are comprised of illustrated lectures by recognized authorities on welding applications, processes, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials, design, fabrication, inspection and quality control.

                In addition to regular monthly meetings, generally September to May, many Sections hold educational lectures and courses, arrange industrial and educational inspection trips and other events of general interest. Frequently, several Sections merge their efforts and hold regional conferences. Some arrange joint meetings with other engineering societies. Many reserve one meeting a month to focus on students. The Section meeting provides an excellent opportunity for hearing, discussing and presenting welding papers of direct interest to you as a member, for the interchange of ideas to aid in solving your welding problems, and is a useful vehicle for forming valuable local contacts in the industry.

                Participation in AWS Section activities can be enjoyable, educational and profitable in experiences gained and business acquaintances acquired. There are AWS Sections in nearly every industrial center in the United States, and many more are in the process of being activated through the efforts of interested members.

                Many AWS Sections conduct a least one social or recreational activity each year. Members may join in picnics, tournaments, dances, cruises and other entertainment. Many lasting friendships are formed because of common interests and experiences shared.

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