What is the American Welding Society and what is our Mission?


           The American Welding Society was organized in 1919 with Dr. Comfort A. Adams, Dean of the Harvard Engineering School, as its first president and founder.  On January 3, 1919, Dr. Adams called a meeting at which it was agreed to form the American Welding Society. At that meeting, the objectives were set forth and on March 27, 1919, were formally adopted as part of the AWS Constitution.

            The objectives were simple: “To advance the science and art of welding in all its branches. To afford the members opportunity for the interchange of ideas with respect to improvements in the welding art, and for the discussion of all matters bearing upon the practice of the art of welding, and for publication of information thereon.”

            Today, consistent with its constitutional provisions, the American Welding Society’s role is to be the recognized authority on welding and related technology by dissemination of information and educational activities.



The seven specific missions of the Society are as follows:

1. Provide guidance and services to our members, to all of the individuals and

organizations comprising the welding community, and to the general public.

2. Serve as the voluntary consensus standard developing body for codes, standards, specifications and recommended practices.

3. Provide for career development and training opportunities through conferences, seminars, courses and other educational resources.

4. Provide for technology transfer through publications, meetings, discussions,

exhibitions, data banks and other means.

5. Promote and encourage welding research, and the application of such research, primarily through cooperative efforts with others (societies, associations, government agencies, universities and research centers).

6. Promote and encourage continued improvement in the reliability of welded

products through personnel certification programs and other means.

7. Promote and encourage cooperation, exchange of information and research within the international welding community through participation in other national and international organizations and activities related to welding, welding research, welding standard preparation and welding technology transfer.


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